Sue Ryn Burns


Sue-Ryn Burns has been working with herbs in one form or another for more than 30 years. Her first awakening to the healing power of herbs was using herbal teas during a flu epidemic. Most of the herbal formulas available were not particularly tasty and that inspired her to start blending teas that people would drink more than once. A few years later, “smelling something really good” while out walking the fields of her parent’s farm with her dogs provided more inspiration. Locating, harvesting, and then identifying that Native Mint plant was the beginning of a long journey. She started blending herbal teas from wild and store bought herbs. Friends encouraged her to sell them and the rest as they say “is history”. Bath herbs and potpourris were her next herbal products, focused on fragrance and healing properties of herbs. During her twenty seven years running a large herb booth at the Sterling Renaissance Festival she developed a line of culinary blends when her customers requested prepared flavorings. Eventually Sue-Ryn discovered the magic of using and blending essential oils. She developed some very popular perfume oils, aromatherapy products and burnable incense.
Sue-Ryn has always found time in nature rejuvenating, inspiring, and healing and her comfort products reflect that. Products are usually created in response to the needs of the people she finds herself amongst. Her experience with herbs and healing is broad based; she has worked with farm, domestic, and wild animals as well as people. While she is a forager of wild plants and grower of organic herbs, most of the botanicals she uses in herb blends are commercially produced.
In 2011 Hillwoman’s Kitchen Herbal Recipes was published by Metaphysical Times publishing company and it contains over 30 original formulas for her healing teas, soothing bath herbs and tasty culinary blends. She’s cut back on the number of festivals and shows she attends because she is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In 2012 she joined the core group who helped put together Bay House Artisans and a sampling of her best selling products can be found in the corner cabinet of the front room of the shop.

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