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Level 1

Participants at this level will retain 80% of each sale and will commit to working in the store.
An artist signing up for level 1 agrees to work a number of shifts commensurate with the number of artists per month. (i.e 60 shifts per month and 20 level 1 artists would require a minimum of 3 shifts per month.)

In some cases work hours could possibly be arranged to accommodate schedules for those with other employment or obligations.

Display fee will be $300 per season payable in lump sum or 3 – $100.00 payments.

The operating season will run from May through October.

Level 2

Participants at this level retain 65% of each sale but do not commit to any working hours.

Display fee will be $450 for the season, or $75 per month if paid in installments.

The operating season will run from May through October.

* Note: Levels and number of required work hours may change in 2017.  Display fee is designed to cover building rental and expenses.

Please use this form if you would like us to consider your work or if you need more information.

Jury Process:
Please contact us prior to bringing in work samples.
Once a week on Thursday or Friday evenings we jury new artists. If you wish to be considered, please arrange to bring 3-5 representative samples of your work (to Bay House Artisans store on James Street in Alexandria Bay ) any time before Thursday evening. You will be notified of the jury’s decision within one week.

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