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  1. Learned about you through Sue-Ryn. I would like to consider consignment with you and can visit in early May when I return from a series of exhibits in Maryland. Please check out my website.

  2. Gary Pierce says:

    I was just wondering if you have any wood turners in your shop, you can check out my work on facebook by searching “chipman woodworks” or come see me at Mare’s Wares, on July 1st, or the french festival, and later on and further away at the Adirondack Museums annual rustic furniture show. I’m located between Waddington,Madrid and lisbon, near Chipman corners, hence the name Chipman Woodworks.

  3. Tom M says:

    We do! Doug Drumm has work in the store.

    • Gary Pierce says:

      I think I may have met him at Mare’s wares a couple weeks ago, but up until Then we’d never heard of each other. I’ll have to stop at your place sometime and check out his work, as for this weekend I’ll be at the French Festival, if you care to see mine.

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