Catheine A. Ellsworth


Living in the north country most of my life has kept me appreciative of nature in all its forms.  I have always loved texture and therefore incorporate natural textures into my work.  Leaf impressions, shells, twigs, or any found objects might be impressed into clay before it becomes a bowl or sculpture.


I taught art in the Watertown City School district for over 30 years.  Looking back I can see my work evolving, reflecting the students I taught and the experiences we shared.  Although I am content to be “retired” I cannot say I am at all bored.  I maintain a studio in the Paddock Arcade in Watertown, participate in local shows and art festivals as well as sell my work in shops and galleries.

As well as textures in clay I also frequently use the Raku method of firing.  This is a very old method from China that produces interesting and stunning effect on the glaze surface, thereby satisfying my desire for a textural surface.

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