About Us


Bay House Artisans is an established gallery shop offering fine hand-made art and craft products created by regional artists. Participating artisans are skilled producers working in a range of media including wood, fiber, metal, glass, clay, watercolor, jewelry, and more. The primary function of Bay House Artisans is to provide display space, visibility, and sales potential for each artist while offering the public high quality wares in a diversity of media.

Bay House Artisans gallery store is an LLC (limited liability company), and it is artisan owned, artisan staffed, and artisan operated. Our structure includes a core group of founding members who currently function as business managers. Our operating calendar will extend from May through October.

Housed in an historic home, Bay House Artisans is in a prime location in the central downtown area of Alexandria Bay amid numerous shops and restaurants close to public docks, marinas, and the St. Lawrence River. In addition to a large summer population of cottagers, islanders, and boaters, Alexandria Bay draws thousands of visitors each year. Special weekend events throughout the season bring additional large numbers of potential shoppers.


1. Good quality hand-made work that complements our current stock,
2. Willingness to assist in daily operations by working at the store.
3. Payment of monthly display fee at chosen level.
4. A spirit of cooperation.


1. Space to display,
2. Direct contact with the buying public and other artisans,
3. A chance to test new designs and take in special orders,
4. Pricing is set by the individual artist,
5. 80% of each sale is retained by artisans choosing to work hours in the shop, and 65% is retained by those not choosing to work,
6. Your photos and bio are used for advertising, promotion, and education, purposes including as a possible featured artist.
7. Inclusion on Bay House Artisans website.
8. Possibility of providing classes in your medium.

1. Submit application and samples of work
a. Artists wishing to participate submit samples or 3-5 pictures (via email, website, or by appointment) representing all work to be juried. Application forms are available at bayhouseartisans.com.
b. Acceptability of work is based upon originality, composition, mastery of technique, appropriateness of theme or subject matter for our targeted market, need for a particular medium, and available space.
2. Work will be reviewed
a. BHA’s jury committee will review the application and submitted samples and will select participants based on the above requirements.
3. Applicants will be notified
a. Within two weeks of submission, BHA will send notification of the decision.
b. Accepted applicants will be sent a participant packet to be signed and returned within one week along with participation/display fee at chosen level.
c. Non-accepted applicant information may be placed on a waiting list.

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